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The Adult Training Center...

Our Adult Training Center

Located in an accessible area of College Park, our Adult Training Center is the hub of Dembure Personal Care Homes. From this center of operations, our dedicated management team coordinates our Day Training and Residential services.

At The Center we have four training rooms where consumers are engaged in a variety of projects to stimulate and develop their strengths and abilities.

Most importantly our Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer provide the compassionate leadership that keeps DPCH a viable business in our community, able to sustain a high quality level of service.


Individualized Attention

We are encouraged to focus on our goals.

Sufficient activities to promote physical, mental and social well being of each resident are offered. DPCH will provide books, newspapers, and games for leisure time activities. DPCH will also encourage and offer assistance to residents who wish to participate in hobbies, music, arts and crafts, sports, social, recreational and cultural activities available in the home and in the community. DPCH encourages involvement with family and community based activities. areas of the home at all times.


Our professional instructors teach us a lot of useful things.
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